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I want tips to transition successfully from the military

By Robert R. Ulin

A Field Guide for Military Professionals and Veterans Seeking Leaderships Positions In the Business World

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Using the lessons in this field guide, you will be able to apply them your life and transition successfully into civilian business.

Sell your skills at interviews: Learn how to properly prepare for an interview so that you can land your dream job.


More than one million service-members will leave the military and transition into civilian life over the next several years, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report. 


Are you prepared for the transition?

What You'll Learn in this Book:


Prepare for the job search:  Learn where to find the right companies that are seeking your military qualifications. 

Adjust to corporate culture:  Learn how to adjust to culture where leadership is persuasive instead of directive.


Tips to climb the corporate ladder:  Learn how to leverage your talents to rise in the ranks of your company.

"Field Guide Bonuses"


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Tools and Resources in Appendixes

Transition Self Assessment Survey

Comprehensive Transition Task List

Job Hunting Process Map

Transition Checklist and more...

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Robert R. Ulin entered the Army as a private and retired as a colonel.  A seasoned business leader, he is chairman and CEO of the Center for Transitional Leadership, president of Ulin Solutions Group LLC, and executive vice president of Mobile Reasoning Inc. 

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