CTL seeks to assist and empower armed forces personnel during their transition from military service to private sector employment with particular focus on helping military men and women position themselves to be sought-after candidates in the civilian work force.

Military leaders know how to master transitions… but this one is personal.

As the military drawdown continues over the next four to five years, estimates from a recent GAO report are that approximately 1,000,000 service members (Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard) nationally, including members of the Guard and Reserve, will leave the military.

Transitioning from this...

While highly educated, disciplined, focused and having served in a system that values teamwork, honesty and integrity, many service members need help to translate their military skills to civilian application and begin the process of adapting to civilian life.

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The President of the United States, the Congress and the Armed Services have developed good transition programs that will provide a baseline for service members leaving active service, but most of these programs are not well integrated into the fabric of the local and regional business community.

The Center for Transitional Leadership (CTL) is led and staffed by retired military personnel who have served and are serving in the for-profit and nonprofit business communities.  Their network of contacts will enable them to provide relevant, focused training and education activities that will connect transitioning former military personnel with business leaders from the banking, information technology, manufacturing, transportation, education, public relations, telecommunications, marketing and other industries to facilitate their transition to the private sector.

Equally important, CTL training and support is influenced by experienced and widely-recognized members of civilian hiring manager associations – giving our associates a complete and balanced “voice of authority” in the marketplace.

We want to help you make the transition to the next chapter of your professional life

CTL offers seminars and training:  Opportunities for Entrepreneurs, Networking, Social Media Orientation, Interviewing Skills, Medical Benefits, Salary and Benefit Negotiation, Financial Planning, Dressing for Success, Business Culture Orientation, Home-based Business Opportunities, For-Profit vs. Nonprofit Opportunities

CTL provides research and publications with a focus on practical application rather than institutional theory.

CTL will help you identify specific companies and hiring managers that will help with transitional interviewing.

CTL is a nonprofit corporation, as such, we rely on public support.  Your donations will help us expand our reach to veterans throughout the Midwest.

For more information to become an Associate of the Center for Transitional Leadership contact one of our staff members below.

Meet Our Staff

Center for Transitional Leadership

Bob Ulin has over 10 years of experience as an executive with for-profit and nonprofit organizations.  Learn more

phone: 913.240.1495
email: bob.ulin@ctl-inc.org

Center for Transitional Leadership

Rolly Dessert has over 42 years of professional experience in government, industry, and not-for-profit sectors.  Learn more

phone: 913.240.6872
email: rolly.dessert@ctl-inc.org

Our Officers and Trustees:

Robert R. Ulin, Chairman
Rolland A. Dessert, President
Terri M. Ulin, Secretary/Treasurer
Willard B. Snyder, General Counsel
Michael P. Tritt, Trustee
Mark H. Wiggins, Trustee
Joseph H. Crane, Trustee
Jeffrey N. Givens, Trustee
Daniel Bozung, Trustee
Michael L. Parker, Trustee
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